“I Almost Lost My Job Because of Chronic Stomach Problems and Terrible Farts -- Then I Discovered The ‘Master Controller' and Everything Changed”

All I wanted to do was fart, but if I did -- I might be fired....

Hi, my name is Steven Wright, and over the next few minutes I’m going to share an embarrassing, but true story about how my stomach problems almost cost me my dream job….

And how it drove me to discover the “advanced biomimicking” solution that finally transformed my gut health.

On the surface, it looked like my life was perfect. I had a promising career at a top consulting firm...

I was working on the 17th floor of a high rise building overlooking the Chicago Skyline. But I was hiding a dark secret, that finally came crashing down on me.

I Was Slumped Over in My Computer Chair After Lunch Again...

Eyes straight ahead… sweating… I was praying no one would see me…

The truth is: this happened pretty much every afternoon.

My life was falling apart one meal at a time despite already following one the strictest gut health diets ever created. Yet, here I was still suffering from...

Another episode of Bloated, Heavy, Burping Stomach…

I Was So Full I Wanted to Cry. I Couldn’t Focus on Anything.

And the worst part was: all I wanted to do was fart.

But I couldn’t… Because if I did, I might get fired. See -- just a few days before this, my Boss called me into his office…

“Coworkers have been complaining about a smell in the office.” He said.

He just sat there his legs crossed, with a stare that would make anyone fess up. “We can’t have this anymore.” he continued.

“Fix it” he pressed. I nodded, flush red, and mumbled something as I stumbled out of his office…Beyond embarrassed.

Shame all over my face.

To Save My Dream Job I Had to Handle My Gut Problems Once and For All

With my stomach problems threatening my dream job, my livelihood… and already crushing my dating life -- I sprung into action.

I left work that day - so as not to get fired. And I vowed… that I would handle this once and for all.

My shame turned to anger. Anger to rage.

Which powered me through hiring and firing 3 “Top Chicago Doctors” that didn’t know what was wrong with me (or blamed me)...

And so I turned to the textbooks, the internet, and research papers.

I would figure this out myself -- and tell everyone… so nobody would have to suffer from the shame, embarrassment, and pain that I went through.

I’m A Health Engineer and Functional Medicine Author ObsessedWith Fixing Health Problems

I’ve been a health engineer and author for 10 years.

I trained at the Kalish Institute for Functional Medicine. And beyond that have read 1,000s of research papers on nutrition, digestion and health…

All with one OBSESSION.

How do I fix my gut and other peoples?

Why? Because while each year I grow older, I love feeling younger. I love having clearer skin than last year. More energy, Better moods, and more predictable digestion.

But most important I’ve never felt more content and confident in myself and what I’m doing. This kind of peace and love of life is what I want everyone I meet.

And when I figure something out I feel compelled to tell people about how they can have the same results I enjoy.

Because Having Slow, Heavy Digestion Was Ruining My Life

I’ve felt it first hand. Not only did I almost lose my job, but my dating life suffered and I began to believe I was ‘broken’ and ‘not good enough’.

Reading this right now, many people can probably relate to what I was going through.

The feeling of when my tummy is so FULL and Heavy.

Or it’s gurgly, slushy, and sour feeling… And the only thing I want in the world would be to clear it out…

But it’s stuck. And then there’s the gas and bloat.

The burping…

Who knows when it happens or doesn’t happen. Completely unreliable.

It can make eating and living feel like a chore.

Going out to dinner becomes a nightmare. And not eating at all seems like a good idea.

It stole my confidence and enjoyment of life.

When Life Becomes Controlled By Digestive Problems…

Remember the last time unreliable digestion wasn’t on the mind?

It can consume so much of life especially as the years go on..

Whether there’s pain or not… the constant thinking and trying to fix it so exhausting.

Trying to avoid it only to have it happen is so frustrating. Doctors never seem to have any good ideas.

And all those diet changes… provide some but little relief. Then the tiredness sets in.

And month-by-month the extra tiredness sneaks into life…

Until years later even just 10 minutes of play with kids is exhausting... Or worse yet, looking in the mirror and seeing the premature aging in the face.

That’s Why I Wouldn’t Stop Until I Figured Out What Was Wrong With My Stomach

I was doing “everything” they said… working out an hour a day, eating chicken and salad.

I was meditating, sleeping in a fully blacked out cold room. Taking my standard vitamins religiously. And still everyday was a struggle.

So I went to doctor after doctor. They told me to eat more whole grains, get more fiber, cut gluten out… I tried all those things… So then I went to alternative doctors…

They put me on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet… one of the strictest diets on the planet. And some things changed instantly… but not my stomach issues.

I’d still often get weird ‘heartburn sensations’, burping, heavy, full belly…

Bloating was hit or miss… So I bought probiotics and prebiotics -- brand after brand.

I bought digestive enzymes… I took handfuls of pills each meal. And yet I’d still wake up in the middle of the night with stabbing gas pains, put on shirts with my belly all bloated.

I was slowly getting better… but I just felt like something was missing. Meanwhile it felt like all the doctors, books, and supplements were mostly a waste of money.

Then, one day in an old book store in Chicago and I found something that changed my life forever. It was like one of those divine golden moments from a movie -- after this my life would never be the same.

That’s When I Discovered A Profoundly Easy Alternative Medical Solution That Unlocked My Stuck Stomach Problems

I was walking through the long line of shelves, smiling at the smell of old books… when I stopped in front of the health section.

A yellow book with weathered edges stuck out at me so I slid it off the shelf and opened to a random page in the middle of the book and started reading.

“Since the 1970’s, I’ve literally worked with thousands of individuals with one or another variation of the same story -- indigestion and heartburn, frequently accompanied by bloating, gas, constipation, occasionally loose bowels -- caused by failure or partial failure of ..."

My mouth dropped open.

This was exactly what I’ve been searching for. This guy was on to something.

So I paid for the book and drove home as fast as I could.

That started me down a rabbit hole of 2,133 research papers… and a long forgotten 1833 medical textbook that finally revealed what was wrong with my stomach… and fixed my uncontrollable stomach issues in a matter of days.

Something I nicknamed “The Master Controller Problem.”

The ‘Master Controller Problem’ of Tummy Troubles

What I learned is that there is actually a MASTER controller that speeds up digestion (or slows it down). 1

And that this is also the KEY to complete absorption of nutrients from food. 2

Not to mention when the controller is off it’s much easier for bad bugs in food to live in our bodies. 3

And when it’s fixed, it allows for maximum energy, strong nails, and hair.

Clear glowing skin …

And most importantly -- reliable, easy digestion.

Which means eating more favorite foods… Clothes that fit again… Strong nails and hair that doesn’t fall out.

And feeling better than ever…In fact, new research keeps coming out about how bad it is when it’s not fixed… 4

Regular doctors are feeling shocked… But -- low and behold.

Several leading edge doctors were writing papers and books in the 1900’s telling the world about this extremely important issue… 5

Now the new research backs up their cries for help.

But First I Must Sound the Alarm…

The #1 cause of tummy troubles is really counterintuitive...

While leading Integrative, Naturopathic, and Functional medicine doctors believe this to be true…

Like I said, there’s old books and research papers as far back as 1833… 6

Despite this… the majority of the world still believes the opposite.

There has been years of brainwashing…

That must be overcome.

So what I’m about to say could be a big surprise.

It is emotional to think trusted medical professionals… actually did the opposite.

(Turns out it wasn’t ALL their faults after all).

Pay attention to every word I say.

Because the information I’m about to reveal often changes lives.

In a shorter time frame than most imagine.

In 1831, A U.S. Army Surgeon Accidentally Stumbled On the #1 Cause of Most Stomach Problems…

My research led me to the very beginning… the first experiments that started it all.

That simple “Master Controller Problem”?

It’s real name is: Hypochlorhydria7

"Low stomach acid.’

Is a leading cause of Constipation. 8

It’s the leading cause of heavy, slow, sluggish, and sour stomachs. 9

That’s what I had.

And that’s what the doctors miss over and over again.

Dr. William Beaumont, a U.S. Army Surgeon happened to treat a patient in 1822 who was shot in the stomach.

This man ended up living but had a permanent hole that let Dr. Beaumont watch his stomach function.

Dr. Beaumont ended up performing years of tests on this poor man. For instance, he would have him eat things and then he’d watch what would happen.

Sometimes he’d even reach into his stomach hole and remove the food and analyze it.

And in 1833, he published all his experiments in the most important book on stomach acid ever, called "Experiments and Observations on the Gastric Juice and the Physiology of Digestion".

This book was the first account of how important stomach acid was and the consequences of not having enough (hypochloridia).

Later, Dr. Jonathan Wright wrote the book "Why Stomach Acid is Good..." where he summarized the next 150 years of scientific research on the consequences of low stomach acid.

That was the little yellow book I discovered that led me to write this report.

And as it turns out stomach acid is really important for health -- essential actually… 10

Having Low Stomach Acid... Means Not Digesting Food -- Which Causes So Many Issues…

Here’s why stomach acid is so important:

FIRST, stomach acid controls the speed of the rest of our digestion. Meaning if stomach is low, it will cause the food to move way too slow... or in some cases, way too quick… 11

Often this feels like constipation or loose stools.

But it also means heaviness, burping, or heavy feeling after eating and heart burn sensations...12

SECOND, stomach acid breaks food down into nutrients. Without it, we cannot get all the nutrients out of our food. 13

Most importantly, low stomach acid means little absorption of Vitamin B12, Folate, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, and Amino Acids. 14

Often this feels like fatigue, hair issues, skin, fingernail and mood issues.

THIRD, stomach acid kills incoming bad bugs that want to invade our bodies. These bugs are in our food and water and include parasites, candida, and other bacteria like C. difficile. 15

It’s often thought that people get recurring digestive infections because they don’t fix their low stomach acid.

They do all kinds of antibiotics, antiparasitics, and herbs...

Only to have them come back because they don’t have the strong acid defenses they should.

Low Stomach Acid Is Bad News… Here’s Why:

It causes less nutrients to be absorbed from food.

Which makes it harder for our stomach cells to make acid at the next meal.

Because they need these nutrients to make the acid...

Which means our digestion is less reliable…

Because strong acid is crucial for digestion speed.

And the speed can SLOW wayyy down… and in some causes speed WAYY up.

Causing severe constipation or uncontrollable diarrhea.

Not to mention nasty "bad bugs" don’t get killed like they should…

Which forces the immune system to work overtime on all kinds of things...

And when the stomach acid is weak for years on end…

All kinds of things begin to get WEAK in the body…

Low Stomach Acid Is in 2,113 Published Research Papers…

And when I went through all these studies..

A list of issues associated with low stomach acid begins to take shape. 16

And it’s pretty big -- and very serious:

  • Addison’s Disease 17
  • Alcoholism 18
  • Anemia/Pernicious anemia 19
  • Arthritis/Rheumatoid arthritis 20
  • Asthma (of children) 21
  • Celiac Disease 22
  • Carcinoma of the stomach 23
  • Chronic auto-immune disorders 24
  • Depression 25
  • Dermatitis herpetiformis 26
  • Diabetes mellitus 27
  • Diabetic neuropathies 28
  • Eczema 29
  • Flatulent dyspepsia 30
  • Gallbladder disease 31
  • Gastric polyps 32
  • Gastritis 33
  • Hyperthyroidism/Graves disease 34
  • Hypothyroidism 35
  • Lupus erythematosus 36
  • Myasthenia gravis 37
  • Osteoporosis 38
  • Psoriasis 39
  • Rosacea 40
  • Sjogren’s disease 41
  • Ulcerative colitis 42
  • Urticaria 43
  • Vitiligo 44

As one can see the list of issues associated with low stomach acid is pretty serious.

Now If Alarm Bells Aren’t Going Off… They Should Because:

image alt text

Studies show that as we age, there's an increasing chance we have low stomach acid.

As one can see in the chart, there is a massive decline in stomach acid secretion starting in our 20’s, 30’s and then another big one in our 50’s.45

Not only that but odds increase more:

  • A 2001 follow up study showed 40 percent of Japanese men and women over 50 years age suffered from achlorhydria (no stomach acid production). 46

  • In an American study, 31.5 % of men and women over 60 suffer from low acid production 47

  • Dr. Steven San Berg Lewis (ND) a Professor of Gastrology says that in his clinic 75% of the patients who have reflux he tests have low stomach acid. 48

  • Dr. Jonathan Wright (MD) says in his book that 90% of the patients in his clinic have low stomach acid.49

  • The 7th edition of Robbins Pathology states "in the Western world, histologic changes indicative of chronic gastritis, in the later decades of life is higher than 50%"

In other words… it’s highly likely if someone has health complaints low or no stomach acid production could be part of the issue.

It’s Maddening, But Most Doctors Don’t Even Screen For It…

Even though it’s taught in medical school and there are tests for it. Most doctors just don’t even think about it.

Some lucky patietns go to a doctor who knows about. But this is very rare. And the chances of them knowing how to properly test for it are slim to none.

There’s actually 3 approved and accepted tests… 50

They are called:

  • Direct Acid Aspiration

  • The Heidelberg Test

  • The SmartPill Test

But each of these tests is a "speciality test" that is rarely done.

The "Direct Acid Aspiration" can only be done if a patient is knocked out by a trained gastroenterologist.

And the other two require expensive pieces of rare equipment that are just not common.

Which makes this whole thing even more frustrating.

And possibly even downright impossible to get a diagnosis.

In the meantime, what many health practitioners do is count how many risk factors someone has…

If a patient has several or more of the following -- chances are great -- low stomach acid is happening.

The Risk of Low Stomach Acid is Really High If…

Even a slightly lower than usual amount of stomach acid ends up being linked to some issues that hurt pretty bad.

Dr. Jonathan Wright, a world renowned Integrative MD lists that lowered stomach acid is linked to:

  • Pernicious Anemia and Iron Deficiency
  • Bloating, Burping, Burning and Gas right after eating
  • Constipation and diarrhea
  • Brittle and Dry Hair
  • Brittle Bones
  • Mood and Fatigue Issues
  • Skin issues (mostly dryness, breakouts)
  • Weak, Peeling, and Cracked Fingernails
  • Dilated blood vessels on the cheeks and nose (in nonalcoholics)
  • Heaviness, Fullness after Eating
  • Undigested food in stools
  • Chronic Candida, SIBO, or parasite infections
  • Multiple Food Allergies
  • Chronic Bad Breath
  • Muscle cramps and twitching

It’s likely that someone who has even a a few of these complaints could be suffering from low stomach acid.

Which might come as a surprise as it did to me.

But once one begins to understand how important the stomach is to the rest of the body.

How “engineered” acid levels are to make sure we get the nutrients from our food.

And how it regulates digestion speed and protects us..

It begins to make sense that… without it our digestion and therefore our health will always be less than we want…

Okay, But What Causes This Low Stomach Acid Epidemic?

The day we turn 50 years old..

We have a 30-50% chance of low stomach acid just because we've lived so long…51

Basiclly, stomach cells get tired.

And need support.

But why do they get so tired? And why doesn’t everyone need support?

And what about being younger than 50?

The answer comes down to two things.

The first is nutrient imbalances.

See, stomach cells need enough nutrients to make strong acid… like zinc, magnesium, iron, b-vitamins…

And sure enough these are all the nutrients that are malabsorbed with lowered stomach acid.

The second is stress… but not just any stress… really impactful or chronic stress…

And it creates this vicious downward cycle of horrible digestion… and symptoms that get worse and worse.

Now typically it all starts with a bout of stress.

Not just normal stress but usually a big stressful thing happens to us.

And in the days and months after that time period is when our digestion begins to get funky.

And the reason is that when we are under extreme stress we can’t make much stomach acid.

So, the most often vicious cycle is…

Extreme stressful event can cause low acid for months…

Low acid for month causes nutrient imbalances need to make acid…

Stomach cells get tired and sluggish…

Make less acid…

And then the digestion muscles get worse and worse.

How do I fix my Stomach Acid?

An exhaustive search of the internet and medical textbooks…

And interviewing my top doctor friends lead me to 3 recommended ways to support low stomach acid levels.

Old School Idea 1: Take what's called digestive bitters 15-30 minutes before each meal.

These are liquid, usually alcohol extracted bitter herbs that stimulate the stomach to be more acidic.

Unfortunately they are liquid, taste terrible, and often just don’t seem to be strong enough to reliably help people.

And who has time to remember to take this 15 minutes before each meal?

New Age Idea 2: There’s a new age idea to take a shot of apple cider vinegar before meals.

The reason is because vinegar has a pH of 3. So by ingesting a 1 oz shot of acid effectively lowers the pH of the stomach… for at least a bit.

Sadly, it also causes major teeth enamel issues and dentists HATE it if they find out.

Also… well it’s kinda gross and again not that powerful because it lacks the 2 other crucial parts of stomach acid.

Most Proven Idea 3: Take a supplement called Betaine HCL (with pepsin). 52

This is a supplement that contains trimethylglycine (betaine) and hydrochloric acid (HCL) bound together. Typically the ratio is based on molecular weight with Betaine HCL around 76.26% and only 23.74% HCL.

Inside the stomach this molecule breaks apart and raises stomach acid levels with the actual HCL acid.

And the betaine part is a powerful "methyl" donor that helps with cellular metabolic functions and liver detoxification.

Most commonly these pills also contain the very important Pepsin enzyme that we talked about earlier that is essential for protein digestion.

Dr. Jonathan Wright reports many case studies of patients who are able to use Betaine HCL + pepsin supplement and feel much better…

And over time it is reported to "retrain" the stomach cells how much acid to make.

Which seems to work… sometimes.

Sadly… until now, everyone has left out the 3rd and super important component of stomach acid… which I believe causes people to have to use excessive amounts of these "basic" supplements.

If we had a formula that mimics our stomach acid better…

Maybe less would be needed.

And why isn’t anyone concerned with healing those stomach cells that aren’t working?

There’s A Simple, Commonly Overlooked Way to Reverse Engineer Stomach Acid….

This stomach acid juice is made up of 3 main parts… 53

  1. Hydrochloric acid (HCL)
  2. Pepsin or pepsinogen (enzyme)
  3. Intrinsic Factor (B12 absorber)

All these parts play very important roles in digesting the food we eat.

The HCL kills the bad bugs, begins to break apart the minerals (zinc, calcium, magnesium etc.), and proteins.

The pepsin enzyme powerfully starts to break apart proteins into amino acids (improving absorbtion).

The intrinsic factor is like special security guard that binds to B12 to make sure it’s absorbed later.

So here’s the thing… unless we handle all three of those parts of the equation…

We are unlikely to ever get full resolution of the issue.

It’s Not What We Eat...
Or What We Supplement With
-- It’s What We Digest...

The inconvenient truth is that no matter our age if the risk factors of low stomach acid are present it’s going to make all the other health changes we try… less effective.

That high quality meat or organic lentil soup…

Won't be fully digested. Instead, much of it could be passing it right through into the toilet.

Those healthy supplements like B-Vitamins…

Might not be absorbed either.

See stomach acid also contains two really important additions called Intrinsic Factor and Pepsin.

Intrinsic Factor is needed to absorb B12.

Pepsin is the main enzyme that breaks down proteins so they can be absorbed.

This is why changing diets, for instance to Paleo or Keto, doesn’t always work.

This is why certain supplements might not work.

If we cannot break down our food and supplements into absorbable pieces… they’ll just be gotten rid of it.

And we stay stuck in the downward cycle.

Turning on the Energy Light Switch in Our Stomachs

What if there was a natural energy switch in the stomach… that was switched OFF.

And what if, when turned ON… everything was different?

That is what it can feel like to get the right amount of stomach acid.

Very quickly people notice increases in energy, changes in irregular digestion or relaxing of health issues.

Stools are easy… eating becomes more fun.

Stronger nails, shinier hair, and skin that begins to glow more...

Most people who need it, notice it within the first two weeks. But everyone is different, so it depends.

What is dependable -- is when this light switch is turned on -- how amazing people report feeling after becoming unburneded by this internal handicap.

My Digestion Felt Better in Days… But What Happened Next Was More Remarkable…

Once I found all this research I couldn’t wait to try it on myself… and I’m so glad I did. It completely changed my life.

I quickly got a bottle of the nearest Betaine HCL and pepsin I could find. I started taking 1, then all the way up to 9 pills per meal.

Heavy stomach, burping, heart burn sensations, were gone almost immediately.

Bloating and gas went down by at least 50%. But the best thing was… every single day I started to have a bowel movement. My pooping was consistent, easy, and almost pleasurable.

No more straining, squeezing, pushing on my stomach to try and get it out.

My energy started returning week by week. Month by month skin, hair, muscles -- everything began improving.

Since then, I’ve helped tens of thousands of people with low stomach acid on our website HealthyGut.com.

I’ve seen it transform people’s lives just like mine… But I have to warn people, it wasn’t all a fairy tale.

Most of Betaine HCl supplements on the market just weren’t good enough. Results by my friends, family, and clients were mixed. Some Betaine HCL supplements worked… some didn’t.

I believed I knew why but the supplement companies wouldn’t listen to my ideas.

And then there were some nagging complications… that always upset me.

I knew in my heart -- there was a way to get regular, repeatable, results for people with stomach acid issues. So, Ultimately, I decided we should solve these issues once and for all.

Real world testing and lead us to 5 special ingredients that have never been combined together. Despite their obvious need to be included in a stomach support formula, it’s never existed -- until now.

2 Years Of Hard Work Lead to These 5 Special Stomach Ingredients…

So I started Healthy Gut Nutrition in 2017 and soon after we started working on it, I began to realize why most manufacturers told us they couldn’t make it.

That’s when we realized why it had never been done before. Basically the main issue is it was very costly to obtain some of these rare ingredients. ,

Since I started, I’ve met with over 25 supplement manufacturers and formulators, just trying to find someone who could help me build the correct solution for people with low stomach acid.

Finally we found one to create an advanced nutrient system that’s…

  • Something that contains all 5 special stomach support ingredients

  • In dosages that can actually help

  • Contains the necessary nutritional capsule for optimal delivery

The bad news is: it took me until now to have the right solution.

The good news is: We finally found a GMP manufacturer who was willing to go out of their way to locate and put together these expensive ingredients for us.

And after building and testing it, the complete solution is finally ready for the public.

After 10 Years of Testing --
It’s Called… HCL Guard+

image alt text

And it represents the next big leap in stomach acid support.

HCL Guard+ is the first and only Advanced Biomimicking Stomach Support™ that is finally available to anyone in their home.

And inside each capsule are the 5 most important ingredients for stomach support.

Ingredients that support stomach acid levels, support the immune system, and increase nutrient absorption.

So foods can be full digested, absorbed, just like when we were younger.

"HCL Guard supplement could not have come at a better time for me. I finally figured out I was not producing and HCL in my body.

I started with 2 capsules before my meal for the next few meals. I waited to see how my body would respond. The next day I awaited the true test results, which in my world means bowel movement (BM). I noticed I was more productive and my movement was easy with no pain.

I then increased my dosage to 3 capsules at the beginning of the next few meals to see how my body would respond with this dose and wow, incredibly better quantity, quality and ease of movement was perfect. This is now my new favorite supplement to take.

What I love are the ingredients are so gentle on my system. I feel so much better since I started taking HCL Guard+. I feel like my food is better digested since I started taking HCL Guard+.

I even took myself off them for a few days to see if I could notice a change. Yes immediately noticed that my body needed the support from the HCL Guard+ to help me digest my food and give me a new love for going to the bathroom.

I can't believe it has taken me this long to find a supplement that would help my gut issues and also help my bowel movements. Thanks making a quality supplement that has been engineered properly for those of us who really need it. "

Karen Thomas, Functional Nutritionist

"Initially I was skeptical, I have a tenancy towards constipation and bloating and have for many years. My issues are systemic and have been happening for very long so I honestly didn’t think it would do much.

I started at 2 pills a meal, but once I started taking 4 pills of HCL Guard+ with my meals my bowel movements are more frequent and much easier to pass and I feel less bloating as well.

I know I have more work to do on systemic infections, but HCL Guard+ is making my life so much easier."

Divya Menghani

Each Capsule is like a
"Nutrient Insurance Policy"

Modern Science has forgotten that unless we digest and absorb what we eat -- our diets matter very little.

Which is why digestion irregularities will continue… no matter how many $10,000’s are spent on supplements, doctors and if it gets bad, surgeries.

Meanwhile the whole time we try so hard to protect against against overgrowths of bacteria, yeast, and parasites.

Because those things are gross and destroy human health.

And all it could be in a simple pill…

That could turn this all around.

Finally a way to…

  • STOP having occasional digestion irregularity and pain

  • STOP wasting money by flushing great food down the toilet

  • STOP letting "bad bugs" walk right into our bodies

  • START living a life free of the health handcuffs and full of freedom

Imagine what it would be like to finally feel like health is under control. A feeling of dependable digestion. a feeling of constant energy.

Imagine moods, skin, and nails improving week-by-week.

With all this new time freed up and energy on hand. Imagine what else could be achieved in life…

That’s what HCL Guard+ was designed to help do.

There is absolutely no gluten, dairy, GMO’s, or Fillers in it.

And it’s manufactured in a state-of-the-art GMP facility in the United States.

This Breakthrough - Is now Available For Everyone

People don’t like to admit it but stomach acid is the most important part of digestion. And this forgotten crucial step is making a comeback.

All it takes is to find the optimal dose per meal. Usually between 1-6 capsules as needed…

And changes begin to happen in a week.

Digestion complaints begin resolving, energy returning, sluggishness gone.

After beginning to absorb amino acids, B12, minerals again. Skin, hair and nails strengthen.

Moods begin improving as the weeks go on.

And now that special diet (Paleo, Keto, SCD, whatever) can begin to work.

There are already thousands of people who swear by HCl Guard+ around the United States.

More about them soon.

But first…

I want to name the 5 special ingredients that create these amazing results.

image alt text

HCL Guard+ Contains These 3 ‘Advanced BioMimicking’ Stomach Acid Ingredients

image alt text

Until now no one has combined the 3 most important parts of stomach acid together. Because of this previous formulas have been weak and ineffective.

Now, HCL Guard+ combines Betaine HCL with Pepsin and Intrinsic Factor.

  1. Betaine HCL - Acid mimicking
  2. Pepsin - Enzyme mimicking
  3. Intrinsic Factor - Nutrient absorber boost

As mentioned, Betaine HCL is the powerplant of the formula. It provides hydrochloric acid and betaine methyl donors to the body.

Pepsin, is the first and main step in protein digestion only works when combined with the right amount of HCL -- which is why it’s so important to be included in any HCL formula.

Without pepsin… the body is unlikely to fully digest protein.

Then, Intrinsic Factor rounds out the trio by binding to Vitamin B12 one of the most energizing nutrients in nature and shepherding it into our cells.

Without this special absorber Intrinsic Factor so many B12 deficiency issues like anemia, brain function and energy can be compromised.

Together, these 3 create the first Advanced Biomimicking Stomach Support (™).

Betaine HCL Study Results From the US National Library of Medicine

image alt text

The first Betaine HCL studies are starting to be published. The 2013 study showed that it does indeed increase the strength of stomach acid in those who acid levels are lowered by anti-acid medications 54

Of Course, Dr. Jonathan Wright started sounding the alarm in 2001 in his groundbreaking book "Why Stomach Acid is Good...". In which he talks about using Betaine HCL with pepsin for many years prior to publication.

Predictably, the research studies are 15-20 years behind the best doctors in the world.

Below is a 2016 case report of using Betaine HCL in addition to dietary changes for digestion issues.

image alt text

As the case report states, stomach acid is so important to healing and health. 55

Sadly, because of how research funding works it is almost universally 15-20 years behind what the best doctors in the world are using.

And now the best doctors are starting to back our biomicking formula. Together, the hope is that overtime this combo is thought to re-train the body how much stomach acid to make.

And it does so by using our trademarked biomimicking formula but also 2 other very special ingredients…

HCL Guard+ Breakthrough Ingredient 4: DGL

Licorice root or "Sweet grass" is referenced in a 2100 BC Chinese Medical text as having life-enhancing properties. 56 In the Chinese medicine system it is used to alleviate pain, tonify spleen and stomach issues, help phlegm and coughing. 57

But when it was beginning to be used to treat ulcers and other gut pain in the 1950’s, scientists found it had severe side effects. 58

Then they realized they could take out those side effects by removing 97% of glycyrrhizin in it. And they created the new and improved extract deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL).

Research on these new licorice root extracts does 3 very important things:

  1. It supports healthy mucus layers in the stomach 59
  2. Helps heal ulcers and or reduce inflammation in the stomach lining 60 61 62
  3. And it helps kill H. Pylori infections (an infection that lowers stomach acid) 63 64 65

These 3 important factors make it a wonder supplement for stomachs.

Across Asia, DGL is often of the first things recommended for occasional heartburn or other stomach complaints. 66 67

We believe taking DGL is a major part of renewing the stomach lining allowing it to handle the right amount of stomach acid needed to feel energetic and alive.

Without DGL, too much HCL or stomach acid too soon can cause problems.

That’s why it surprised us that no one had ever combined them before.

They synergistically support the stomach to do it’s job even better than the first (HCL + Pepsin + IF) by helping it mechanically do its job. The second (DGL), by supporting healthy stomach cells and lowered inflammation in the stomach.

HCL Guard+ Breakthrough Ingredient 5: Ginger

Ginger is an ancient and powerful wonder herb as well. Used for centuries by grandmothers for upset tummies and occasional heartburn now science shows us how it supports the stomach. 68

Ginger has a "prokinetic effect" that helps move the food in and through our systems.69

Prokinetic is a fancy word that means strengthens and increases the gut wall contractions needed for digestion.

Basically, it stimulates the stomach and digestive muscles to move food effectively through our bodies. Which is super important for people who have low stomach acid or gut infections.

It also supports something really important called the Migrating Motor Complex (MMC). The MMC is small stomach muscle wave that "cleans" and “sweeps” the bad bugs and leftovers into the intestines. 70

A Broken MMC is thought to be part of what creates SIBO and other gut infections.

Because as previously mentioned low stomach acid can "slow" down digestion process because the wrong pH signal is sent to the rest of the intestines. Ginger may help correct this.

In mice, guinea pigs and healthy human adults ginger extracts have been shown to improve gastric emptying and gastric motility.71 72 73

Not only that but ginger has been demonstrated to helps treat nausea too.

On top of that any ginger not used by the digestive system may help reduce systemic in the body. 74 75

Ginger added with DGL makes sure that stomach muscles and stomach cells are supported as stomach acid levels are restored.

Trust In 3-Step Science-Backed Solution

Never before has a supplement biomicicked stomach acid by using Betaine HCL, Pepsin, and Intrinsic Factor.

Then supported the healing of the stomach lining with the use of DGL and finally, supporting the stomach muscles with Ginger.

This 3-step formula is the most advanced in the world. And it’s finally available for anyone who needs stomach support.

My goal is to get this into the hands of anyone over 50 years of age or anyone else who’s suffering from the symptoms associated with low stomach acid.

Especially those who are looking for more energy, less mood issues, and more reliable digestion.

A Limited Supply of HCL Guard+

image alt text

So at this point most people are probably wondering how to get a bottle of HCL Guard+...

And how long to take it?

To be totally honest I wish it was easier for everyone to have this breakthrough.

Because as I’ve mentioned in this report, the natural decline of stomach acid for people is an especially troublesome problem.

And while I want to be able to have an unlimited supply for everyone...

The truth is each bottle of HCL Guard+ must be made in a state of the art facility with the right ingredients. And there’s just not many who can pull it off.

Which means we’ve had to do limited runs.

And often times due to re-orders we run out of stock.

And from the time I place a new order it’s typically 4-6 weeks till we can ship more.

That being said I don’t want anyone lying awake at night wishing they had some HCL Guard+.

Which is why I’ve created a risk-free way for anyone to try it out.

But first let me answer the question…

How Much HCL Guard+ Do I Need to Take?

That’s simple: Start with 1 capsule per meal.

Some people might feel improvements right away at that dosage… and sometimes even the next day.

However, other people will need 2 capsules per meal.

That’s our most common dosage.

However, because stomach acid is such an individualized thing... and because the future of medicine is personalization...

It's also common for some people take 3 or even 4 capsules or more per meal.

And feel totally great.

It does require each person to find their specific dosage with experimentation. But our free HCL Guard+ report shows exactly how to do this.

So It Just Makes Sense to Keep Taking HCL Guard+ Day-After-Day and Month-After-Month…

When people take into account the importance of digestion and absorbing all the nutrients from our food.

Along with the natural decline in stomach acid due to aging (it’s so much worse 50 and over).

It just makes sense to keep taking HCL Guard+ day-after-day.


It’s like an insurance policy to get all the nutrients we need, protect us against bad bugs, and improve our quality of life.

I mean who couldn’t use more energy, stronger and shiner hair?

Less mood fluctuations.

And more dependable digestion.

HCL Guard+ is the go-to stomach solution.

Secure a Supply of HCL Guard+ at a Major Discount

Now for the first time ever there is a stomach acid support that not only mimics biology but also helps the stomach cells and muscles heal.

It's only available on this website is because of the start-of-art supply chain and quantity issues I mentioned before.

When I asked my Doctor friends what they thought a bottle of HCL Guard+ should cost.

They told me $79 would be a great price for their patients.

And I mean when we consider that it…

  • Helps improve nutrient digestion and therefore energy metabolism

  • Improves skin, hair, nails, and moods by optimizing amino acid digestion

  • Protects the body by helping to Kills possible infections entering body

  • Helps repair the mucus layer and stomach cells

  • Stimulates the stomach muscles to move food properly through the body

  • And helps optimize digestion speed issues

It makes sense why many people would pay $79 for it.

Not to mention it’s backed by science.

Plus These Ingredients Don’t Just Help with Messed Up Digestion

But the Advanced Biomicicking formula also helps

Which means users can…

  • Get back to living a normal life

  • Eat more favorite foonds

  • And stop worrying about tummy troubles

And all of that together is why the Doctors told me $79 would be a fair price.

Yet despite all that…

I won't charge $79 a bottle.

See, I’ve been sick too. I’ve struggled too.

And I want to help as many people as possible with HCL Guard+.

Which means that for a limited time anyone can own a bottle for just $49.

But that’s just the beginning.

Because as someone who’s used stomach support for years.

I know how important it is to use it for at least 90-days to see the biggest breakthroughs.

And usually at that point the results drive most people to keep on using it for many more months.

So we created a "stock up" special on 6 bottles of HCL Guard+ for just…

$32.83 a bottle.

Which is a $277.00 savings for those who order today.

And this 6 bottle special comes with a bonus of free shipping.

But this discount and free shipping are only available while supplies last.

Choose the 6-Bottle Package
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Which means…

This is One of the Smallest (and Best) Investments Anyone Could Make

Something that improves almost every aspect of daily life.

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That helps people look and feel younger.

And it’s completely normal to need to support for it.

Especially if we want to age with grace.

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Here’s Why It Should Be An Easy Choice, This Investment is Protected By A 180 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

Here’s how it works.

After placing an order today and basically saying "maybe" to HCL Guard+.

Start taking it with each meal.

Maybe 1 pill, maybe 2 pills, maybe 3 pills…

Find and take Ideal Dose.

And then the stomach cells, stomach muscles, and stomach acid begin to revitalize.

Most people feel it working.


And after a few weeks more energy is available after meals.

Better digestion.

Less burping or gas.

And hair is better.

Nails are stronger…

Glow is coming back to the skin.

At least some of these things are common for our customers.

This really is a ZERO risk guarantee.

Because if for ANY reason HCL Guard+ isn’t the right fit.

Just call or Email HCL Guard+ customer service 24/7 and…

They’ll issue a refund.

No questions or hassles.

Plus keep the HCL Guard+ bottles that are leftover.

It’s Healthy Gut Companies way of saying Thanks for trying.

Which means there’s no downside here at all.

It’s a 100% guarantee and 180 days for anyone to test it out.

Doesn’t It Make Sense to Feel and Experience the Results of Proper Stomach Acid?

Then why not think it over while trying HCL Guard+?

Since there's no risk…

We’ve made it so easy for anyone to take the HCL Guard+ Challenge.

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Risk Free.

In the next 30 days…

  • Have Easier and More Dependable Digestion

  • Decrease gut problems and pain

  • Increase energy and enjoyment of food

It really makes all the sense in the world…

Based on how HCL works to give it a test drive.

Yes, It’s Time to Support My Stomach Acid & Get My Supply of HCL Guard+ Supply Today...

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Now It’s Time to Make a Decision…

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Because a life of unrelenting digestion issues and constant frustration…

Where there’s no end in sight…

Low energy and lack of enjoyment of life…

Well that life isn’t much of a life, honestly.

I know because I’ve been there.

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Regular Price: $237
Savings: $118

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Best Deal

6 Bottles

6 Bottles - $197.00 - Normal price $79 a bottle $474 - Save $277
Regular Price: $474
Savings: $277

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1 Bottle

1 Bottle - $49.00 - Normal price $79 a bottle - Save $30
Regular Price: $79
Savings: $30

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*(Special Discounted Pricing Available )

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who is HCL Guard+ For?

A: HCL Guard+ is for anyone who wants to get the most nutrients from their food. It’s for anyone who’s having sluggish, sour, heavy, or slow digestion.

It also helps for those who have SIBO and other infections and their peristalsis isn’t working as they’d like.

HCL Guard+ is for anyone who’s having lower than normal stomach acid levels. This could be a result of infections, high stress, aging over 50 and or other issues.

It’s especially helpful for increasing energy, mood, and hair / nail quality. These improvements are often a direct relationship to finally absorbing amino acids, B-vitamins and minerals.

Q2: What makes HCL Guard+ different than other HCL products I’ve tried?

A: It starts with the fact that HCL Guard+ is designed to help heal stomach cells and muscles. Retraining the stomach and intestines work so hopefully months in the future they won't need more support.

Beyond that, HCL Guard+ features Advanced Biomicking Stomach Support (™) which is the first ever on the market blend of the 3 most important parts of stomach acid (HCL + pepsin + Intrinsic Factor).

All other HCL’s therefore are lacking Intrinsic Factor needed for B12 absorption.

HCL Guard+ also contains DGL and Ginger which help heal the cells and create the right muscle contractions.

Q3 - What are the ingredients in HCL Guard+ ?

A: image alt text

Q4 - Is there Gluten, Dairy, Soy or GMO’s in HCL Guard+?

A: No. HCL Guard+ does NOT contain any major allergens and is GMO free.

Q5 - How long will today’s special pricing be available?

A: We are unable to guarantee today’s special offer beyond midnight today. Once word gets out about our Best Deal, there’ll be a mad rush.

Supplies are limited and once it’s gone, so is this special deal.

Q6 - Will I be enrolled in a subscription or auto-ship program if I buy today?

A: No. At Healthy Gut Nutrition, we don't use sneaky automatic shipment programs or other ways to get people to order things they might not want.

Today's purchase is a one-time order, with no future automatic bills or other such nonsense.

We're simply giving people an incredible chance to stock up at a great price, before we sell out again.

Q7 - When will my order arrive?

A: As of TODAY, inventory is available and when an order is placed now, there will instantly be an order confirmation email sent. This way people can relax because we are working hard to get the order out the door as quickly as possible!

We will ship the order directly to the persons' home or office using a premium carrier such as USPS or UPS and it will arrive within 5 to 10 business days of placing an order.

Products are shipped from Ohio, USA and we will send a shipment notification email with tracking number as soon as the order ships so it can be tracked the whole time.

Q8 - What’s the refund policy?

A: All orders are backed by a 180-day -- 100% money-back guarantees.

This is a 180 day - 100% money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

If anyone doesn't like HCL Guard+ for any reason, email or call us and we'll refund 100% of the purchase price. Plus Keep the HCL Guard+ bottles.

Q9 - Is it safe to buy online?

A: Buying online is now one of the safest ways to shop! Special SSL Certificates authenticate our identity and encrypt the information of visitors who enter on our site.

This keeps thieves from "snooping" or “grabbing” any exchange between our Web page and another computer. When an SSL Certificate is installed, it allows people to be assured that the information sent is secured and can’t be viewed by cyber crooks.

People can know this by looking in the upper part of the screen.

Depending on the type of device ost people will see a padlock icon in the browser’s status bar and the "HTTPS://" prefix in the URL.

These are the signs that a secure handshake is happening between the device and our website. When the handshake is happening as it is now… Everything is safe.

We use a third-party credit card processor that meets the strictest international standards for data security to manage our credit card payments, so no one ever has access to people's credit card information.

We do NOT keep anyones credit card number on file.

At Healthy Gut Nutrition, we take this very seriously are always doing our best to make this the safest and most secure way for people to shop.

Q10 - What is the shelf-life of HCL Guard+ ?

A: Each bottle is good for 2 years from the date of manufacturing. An order placed today will be good for at least 18-20 months depending on that date.

Q11 - If I live in California, does this fall under Prop65?

A: For more information of California's Prop65 please click here.

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